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Pat Martino:

"One of the things I've continuously enjoyed about my interactions with Jake Feinberg is how he and I have often share feelings regarding some of the more aesthetic levels of our experiences."



Billy Cobham:

"The Jake Feinberg Show is an act of genius!"



David Grisman:

"Jake Feinberg conducted the best interview anyone has ever done with me."



Bill Cosby:

"I wasn't scared...."


See what Corry Arnold has to say about Jake:

Greene's career has been full of so many recordings and performances that it has been hard to get a handle on it. Greene's role in Old And In The Way is usually glossed over as well, since his place was taken by the great Vassar Clements, and Vassar played on the group's seminal album. However, a recent interview with Richard Greene by scholar and radio personality Jake Feinberg unravels some interesting threads in the Greene story, particularly in his first ten years as a performer. Thus, with accurate information from Greene himself, it's possible to put his career with Old And In The Way and The Great American String Band in its proper context. This post will look at Richard Greene's musical history from 1964 to 1974, with a special emphasis on Greene's musical connections to Jerry Garcia during that time.



Dawn Of The New JFS


As we head into the new year I would like to take this time to thank all of you for your steadfast support over the past three years. Without your encouragement, wisdom and appreciation I would not be where I am today.

Some of you have spent your morning commutes listening to the JFS. Some have infused the principles stated by my guests into their own children's/grandchildren's musical maturation. Still others who have known me for a long time get a kick out of how much I have grown as a broadcaster and producer.

For the past 3 years you the audience have been treated to my journey through a land of Musical Giants as I search for authenticity and truth in the digital age.

The Dave Brubeck interview demonstrated that magic still exists.  The back to back Cosby>Grisman Interviews in late 2012 were a game changer. I have tried to uncover the soul element of man through music and the musicians. It continues today through my podcasts as well as providing content for NPR (AZPM) in both radio and web format.

Now, for the JFS to continue and prosper I must adapt to the realities of the world in which we live. I need your member support to ensure both the survival and further cultivation of the JFS.



What has Changed:


Up till this point the interviews have been free and available on my website and through the Live Music Archives.

Some material will remain on the LMA but the most memorable interviews and the majority of the interviews released in the future will only be accessible by becoming a member of the Jake Feinberg Show:

I now invite you to continue along on my journey through the Universe of Love, Life and Lineage with all the flipsters, hipsters and finger popping daddies.

I wish you all the best in the upcoming year and again thanks for your support.


Jake Feinberg














Marshall Kresman:

"I will come on the JFS anytime!"



Denny Zeitlin:

"It was a pleasure to hang out on the air with someone as passionate, genuine, and knowledgeable as Jake Feinberg."



Tisziji Munoz:

"Jake Feinberg has an intense interest in and love of the deeper side of creative, human spiritual nature."






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For Universal subscribers it should be noted that the JFS is expanding its reach in 2014 with a bent towards public policy and sports. You will hear Intergenerational interviews with civic leaders and athletes who debated and played before interconnection and social media - when kickers booted barefoot and utility outfielders worked a second job in the off-season.


As a member you will also be hipped to "AB-Wax" Reviews - short essays on Vinyl Records that flew below the radar when there was a commerce based record industry.  Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass, Folk, World - it will all be covered, with the hopes for others to disseminate the music to future generations of kids like my two daughters and the legions of others have come into my life.


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