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Since January 2011, I have conducted thousands of radio interviews with artists who cross over all musical genres. I get to explore the regionalism of music in this country before full interconnection. What that means is that cats were able to come together in an organic fashion, get discovered, and wind up becoming units on the bandstand for many, many years. What happened then is that the vocabulary of music was expanded and extended.
One of the things that’s been refreshing on this journey after doing over 4,000 primary source interviews with the cats, is that, initially you believe that musicians are always searching for that state of bliss, when in actuality they are doing it to f***** live.
It has been my responsibility as a journalist to bridge the gap of full interconnection. The extra-terrestrial telephonic hangs on PowerTalk 1210 continue as I forge into the regional rhythm sections of Chicago, New Orleans and Atlanta. Cats like Paul Boudreaux, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux and Rodney Justo, Ron Steele, Bill Stewart, and Rick Hinkle. The Left Coast was not neglected, as I tracked down the mercurial John Morell and Ray Neapolitan: studio sharks whose job it was to create the vibe and swing on TV shows, cartoons, and seminal albums that stand the test of time.
Thanks to Kevin Calabro (Royal Potato Family), I got hip to a bevy of younger burgeoning artists who play music as if their life depended on it. Cats like Ethan Miller, Matthew Waterfall Gibbs, and Sam Blasucci, who are part of the cyclical nature of musical lineage.
Music is the language of the soul. Rhythm is love. And that is what my show is about. The Cats! Volume 1 focuses on group dynamics, how to overcome adversity, the individual rhythm of each player, and how that has impacted the lineage of all the types of music and the musicians that play them.
The great drummer Pete Lind told me:
“If you play music, you live a long time, because you’re always learning. You never stop learning, because there’s no end to it. The Jake Feinberg Show is going to go on forever, because you’re interested in something that has no end.”
As much as I love the music, I love the musicians more. My show is about expressing individual taste, it’s not about uniformity. We have enough of that going on in our society and it’s hurting us.
The urban legend of Detroit is only for those generations who were not alive during the time when that city epitomized “Asphalt Canyon Blues.”
In the 21st century, the so-called digital age, the role of a producer and a musician has devolved into a potpourri of inanimate objects: the number of records you sell, how to make a hit, the drum machine, and a shrinking, more rigid music industry. Yet in the past, enclaves of regional music crossed the great divide from Arkansas to Toronto. Leadership was defined as getting out of the way and letting the wolf howl, or letting the music play the band.
I’m into the esoteric part of music, and the big ears. I’m definitely into enlarging hearts the way Tisziji Muñoz does. He gave me my spirit name, Sem Lodro (Spirit of Mind). This coincides with “The Dao,” which has filled me with a resilience and an urgency to pursue the truth, or the closest thing to it. Receiving the Dao felt as if old chapters of my life closed and a new one began. As a Daoist, my duty through my work is to help sentient beings transcend the cycle of birth and death. Cultativating the Dao lies in practice and not in empty talk. The Dao begins with self-expectation (introspection) and not placing demands on others, but rather, inspiring them to find their true nature. Wishing only to find my Buddha nature, I dedicate this book to the goddess Laomu. Thanks to Kim Yong for being my guarantor!
This whole broadcasting experience has been aided and abetted by a tribe of not-so- usual suspects. Artists who I had never personally met but who “go there” with me in a live, long-form, improvisational, free-form radio setting. They have helped me see the big picture, enjoying the forbidden fruit along the way. My knowledge comes from real peeps and from experience.
Cats like Ahmad Jamal, John McLaughlin, George Porter, Jr., Huey Lewis, Steve Cropper, George Marsh, Tony Leone, Max Weinberg, Johnny Mathis, Billy Harper, Steve Earle, Rita Coolidge, Airto Moreira, Justine Bennett, Butch Trucks, David Murray, Bob Weir, Merle Haggard, Martha Reeves, Ken Babbs, Wavy Gravy, Oteil Burbridge, and Sunshine Kesey.
Over the last two years I’ve taken The Jake Feinberg Show on the road. The greatest development was the subtle but significant transition from telephonic hangs with the cats to meeting them and conducting interviews in person. The actual human connection (still using technology) is vital for societal transformation and enlightenment. Some of the stories you are about to indulge in came from interviews conducted in person on the new media, driving consciousness in an instantaneous improvisational format that can inspire regular peeps.
Mark Zuckerberg was instrumental in helping The Jake Feinberg Show grow its reach worldwide with the advent of the Facebook Live feature. Going live started with Tower of Power in January 2017. JFS has done several hundred Facebook Live interviews with cats like Jerry Cortez and Rocco Prestia, David Garibaldi and Doc Kupka. Then it was on to Pat Martino and Carmen Intorre, Bob Mann, Allan Schwartzberg, Karina Rykman, Merry Pranksters Ken Babbs and George Walker, Dom Famularo, David Margen, Dean Brown, Alex Ligertwood, Tony Braunagel, Skip Rickert, Farmer Dave Scher, Tisziji Muñoz, Dr. Patrick Gleeson, and James Gadson.
Multiple trips to Northern and Southern California, including forays into Napa Valley to chronicle the correlation of heart, health, and wine. Being able to interview the likes of Michael Mondavi, Robert Biale, Anthony Truchard, Dorothy Rossi, Dr. Jerry Sepps, Jay Heminway, and Dario Sattui—Renaissance men and women who can testify to the sacred mantras of original family wine makers. Thank you to Dr. Tedd Goldfinger for hipping me to some hip cats.
Back to the musicians, I found myself in New York, Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans (three times), Colorado, Santa Fe, Portland Oregon, and California once more doing Facebook Live interviews. The video component of the JFS has expanded my reach internationally because of opportunities to interview musicians from India (Shahid Parvez Khan), Africa (Sikiru Adepoju), and Jamaica (Carlton “Santa” Davis). Consider the JFS a three-headed content monster, disseminating information in audio, video, and print formats. Thousands of radio interviews, hundreds of Facebook Live interviews, and transcriptions from these transmissions that have pinged and ponged across the digital globe, inspiring people to be themselves in the past year.
I have also devoted my program to the Devine Feminine Spirit. Strong, emboldened women who, like anyone else, have experienced the rollercoasters of life, and come around stronger, more dedicated to their craft, family, and higher purpose.
Even if my sacred journey does go on forever, the time has come to coalesce around a book of radio interviews that speak to enlightenment, expanding consciousness, and inspiration. This book and the radio interviews would not be possible without the support and loyalty of my sponsors: Abbott Taylor (Abbott Taylor Jewelers), Butch “Horn Man” Diggs (Diggs Dental), Craig Pretzinger (Pretzinger Allstate Insurance), Todd Rockoff (Tucson Jewish Community Center), the late Jay Heminway (Green and Red Vineyard), and Dr. Tedd Goldfinger (Renaud Society). My deepest respect for these individuals, all the people who have the privilege to work for them, and their belief in yours truly.
Also, I want to shout a big thanks to Jim Parisi, our fearless leader at Powertalk 1210 (an Internet Broadcasting Station). And a big shout out to my great kids, Hannah and Aja. Their love and support continue to inspire and push me to further myself and my show. They inspire me in their worldview and outlook on all areas of life. They have ridden the road untraveled with me and incurred the high highs and low lows of doing something completely entrepreneurial and unique.

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