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The John Perry Barlow Interview Set II

Anyone who has followed my show understands the spiritual and multi dimensional aspects of the JFS. 

All music's are covered, coming directly from the musician's themselves. 

Black dirt lives again today on my program because of Brent Mydland. He was the multi dimensional keyboardist who expanded The Grateful Dead's sound. He quickly dropped the bar lines and was chasing Phil Lesh down one rabbit hole while Billy Kreutzmann was dancing on a pin.

My guest today is someone who knew Brent better than most. One of the most prolific lyricists in the Western World, he and Brent worked together because it was real as thunder, real as the sun shining. 

It's so very undefined, the last time I spoke with my guest he was in Mobile Bay, AL. We talked about how Ram Dass was a snake oil salesman early in his career, the April experiment, Bob Weir's angular chords, hanging with Neal Cassady and melting into a cube of LSD while watching Raga concerts at Wesleyan. 

We didn't talk about his collaborator in chief Brent Mydland. By the time "Built To Last" came along Brent had the most published songs on the album. His felt success real fast and it shot him up
and brought him back, and eventually underground. 

His spirit remains with me as it was in the late nineties when I was at Boston University. I had a chance to talk with my guest while he was giving a seminar on the internet at Harvard. We talked about Brent for 10 or 15 minutes but over the years I misplaced it. Lash the mast.....

John Perry Barlow welcome back to the Jake Feinberg Show


























The John Perry Barlow Interview Set II [Download]

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