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The Emilio Castillo Interview


Good Leaders are hard to find these days in Public Life. Transcendent figures like Pope Francis make you again realize in the power of the spirit and love.

My guest is a transcendent leader in the world of music. He has had a positive impact on so many lives. Recycling Reusing being resourceful in the face of adversity. Most importantly making bread for his family and breaking bread with his bandmates at Jazz Alley.

My guest was the leader of the band Tower of Power. He led a frontline horn section when the band was known as "Extension Five" with Rocco Prestia playing like James Jamerson.

Tower of Power was some of the first   Acid jazz that I got of on. The funk came out of the gutbucket Oakland stroke before Urban Renewel. The lyrics were transparent and spoke to cats like Kenny Burrell because you got to keep both feet on the ground. The swing element came from Drummer David Garibaldi. He was a jazz drummer who plays funk for a living and his drum drops helped set up Countless groove albums that eventually turned into modern day break beats.

My guest sometimes changes horses in midstream. This host believes that my guest does this sparingly and when you come into his band you are family. Which means you do your job and not anybody else's. It means that if you know your strengths then you can go off and my guest will let you get it our of your system.


Listen to an excerpt of the Emilio Castillo Interview:

Emilio Castillo [Download]


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