The James Gadson Interview


The time keeper of eternity. Ballads, Blues, Dixieland and The Kansas City Shuffle.

There's more to it than that obviously but my guests roots are deep in the blues. He developed his chops in after hours clubs in St. Louis and later on in LA.

He became one of the most sot after drummers for Soul and the newly invented word in the American Lexicon. Funk, my guest along with Harvey Mason, Mike Clark, David Garibaldi and a handful of other cats created that word funk because they blended jazz beats with soul and blues. My guest did this with Dennis Coffey, Dyke & The Blazers, The Watts 103rd street rhythm band and countless other artists.

He has been an accompanist his whole life. Backing up stars who get all the recognition but wouldn't have the hits without my guest.

James Gadson welcome to the JFS.....


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