The Narada Michael Walden Interview


Just this past week a buddy of mine gave me a snare drum and a tambourine. I get to go home and play that drum to music good or bad. For a few seconds or maybe a minute I begin to dance, eyes closed in my head knowing that if I start to think about Hangups that it's rhythm interrupted. Still I hold on to that previous time and get a taste of how special being a master professional drummer truly is.

My guest today was born in Kalamazoo Michigan where my parents met while in school in the late sixties. He became plugged into transcendent music immediately connecting with the guru Sri Chimnoy and Mahavishnu John McLaughlin. He played in an Orchestra where dynamics were an essential component to the raging apocalyptic forces ricocheting all around. To stay focused on the dance with Will Lee and Whitney Houston. It seldom turns out the way it does in the song.

My guest has tremendous technique but needed to seek peace in his mind to feel the music. He didn't pay to play or learn music in academia. He burns till this day making seminal soundtracks for movies and cultivating one of the headiest music operations in the world, Tarpan Studios.

But he has also played music at a time when music itself has undergone a transformation from the human to an over reliance on the digital. He has played music when bands could stay together and hone their spiritual sound to the branding of one individual. From one or two week engagements to a night here a night there, a night everywhere. As in life, things are constantly changing. Hopefully the heart stays true. Narda Michael Walden welcome to the JFS...


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