The Greg Elmore Interview



The distinctive sound of the Bay Area came from individualistic drummers like my guest. My guest wound up in a psychedelic rock
Folk outfit known as Quicksilver Messenger Service. A group of Mavericks that combined a wide range of instruments into their music which allowed it to span multi-genres. You hear all the influences in their music and it starts with the drummer.

He could play hard driving rock or Bossa nova, he could play Afro Cuban rhythms or hold it down while a horn section led by Ron Taramina
Blew over the top.

His influences were his peers, Greg Errico, Bill Kreutzmann, Spencer Dryden, Eddie Moore, Eddie Marshall. His band mates were David Freiberg and John Cippolina

Paradiddles and polyrhythms with a new accent on the blues complete with very loose structure and a western psychedelic approach that helped swing the band.



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