The Clyde Stubblefield Interview


The rhythm that fits, the driving pulsating force that lent itself to hip hugging bootie shaking boogie music. 10 minutes in a Cold Sweat just give some bread and I'll be straight.

My guest is a rhythm king. Being able to swing the band and play the blues and funk and jazz. Choppy rhythms that he taught himself growing up in Chattanooga. He took in the sounds of industrial America. The steam engines of the little engine that could, chugging along with no formal training. Just a feel and a willingness to go there will JB. Elevating his tunes to popular tunes throughout the world.

His beats have been sampled relentlessly by my generation in a very different musical environment. I am more inspired by my guest longevity, still doing it after 50 years, his leadership of knowing when things were a good fit and when things had gotten stale. His love of all peoples because after all we are one race, the human race and the language of the drums is never to be discounted when trying to reach a spiritual apex. His love also permutes to the legions of younger trap drummers he has mentored taught and influenced.

Clyde Stubblefield welcome to the JFS


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