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The Todd Weiss Inteview



As the sun settles over the whispering pines of Elizaville, NY a new summer is set to begin at Camp Scatico.

My guest today is one of the most fiery and inspirational characters I have ever come across who went to camp. He was making a name for himself long before I got there learning to be a leader under the tutelage of Oshatz and Johny Deutsch. This manifested in music appreciation, u13 championships, unsportsmanlike conduct, girls side, Friday night sermons and setting a tone for younger more impressionable campers.

He was my counselor during "The Fish Years" heading up to Lake George or SPAC on an off day and playing General for the Grey in 1988 as this host hit half hook after half hook over AJ Hoffman in a pre-lunch B-Hoops Day 4 color war matchup.

The reason my guest is inspirational is because in the summer of 2000 the red Qualye 2k Jeep drove through the gates of Scatico. After years as a camper and counselor, Ringing the bell at Hobart, Countless benders @ The Seagrape my guest decided to buck the trend, not give in to skeptics and come back to wave that flag wide and high for cats like myself and Cory Schwartz and the Rabbinical Sam Safrin.

He came with an unabashed curiosity and live Tom Petty/Dylan albums cranking after a return trip from the Rhinecliff Hotel and a long walk up the Deli Trail. He is part of the lineage that exists from Nat Holman to Bert Holman from Randy Goldstein to Sam Gold. He and his sister Pam spent multiple summers sporting the green and white.

He has contributed to our society 5 children of his own. Maybe someday they will grace the ballfields with their presence to continue the family tradition that makes Scatico what it is.

He is now a senior partner @ Crossroads Strategies and has been a prolific policy advocate for a host of American based industries including Expedia, Koch Industries Public Sector, Citizens for responsible energy solutions and The I-69 Mid-Continent Highway Coalition.

Part of the Greatest Story Ever Told Todd Weiss welcome to the JFS

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