The Don Randi Interview



My guest today has done and seen it all. He has been in music for over half a century. He has watched the music industry shrink to a business. He has seen jazz go from popular music to a classicalized medium, taught in schools instead of on the bandstand. He held down the fort @ the Baked Potato back when there were dozens of clubs to play @ in Southern California.

He was part of the vaunted wrecking crew with Hal Blaine, Earl Palmer, Larry Knechtal, Tommy Tedesco and Carol Kaye.

His trio plus one often featured Hal Gordon and the group would stretch out and play Motown, Blues, Straight Ahead, Funky Soundtracks and boogie woogie.

Most importantly my guest has been on a quest to be a link in the change for future generations understanding of how real music is made. In other words listen, play quality notes instead of quantity, feel the groove, trust the accompanists, and play music. If you need a country western flare he puts you in the mood, if you need some soul vamping he can do that too. Play sweet ballads for a soundtrack there you go.

He's a master of all trades and continues to teach, play and inspire.

One Hot Potato, Don Randi welcome to the JFS



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