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Year In Review with Becky Cordier



My digital journalism class @ GFCDS took on a life of its own this year.

They came in with expectations or maybe no expectations. In either case they rose to meet the challenges I laid out for them.

They became adept at finding and developing educationally relevant stories from Kindergarden all the way through the upper school. They learned how to ask questions that would elicit responses with substance. If they didn't get substance they would ask follow up questions of middle schoolers after a theatrical performance or of a biology class during dissection of a deer head or after one of Mr. Haagmans vaunted scavenger hunts.

They became more self assured and found their individual voice by engaging people at Greenfields and chronicling different activities. Baking with the kindergartners, Art Exhibits with the middle school, Basketball games and individual staff highlights.

They learned how to drive this information using new media platforms. They learned to use video as an effective means of communication. Capturing moments in real time and providing descriptions to fully cover the event.

Most importantly it was their work that reached people outside of Green Fields. Maybe it was perspective parents who want to send their kids to Green Fields, maybe it was alumni who they were able to ask questions to on this program, maybe it was the local milkman. The point is they used new media platforms to create their own web posts to expand the brand. The Griffin Brand as they head off to various undergraduate programs at stellar universities to start the next chapter of their life.

Headmaster Becky Cordier welcome to the JFS

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