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The Mike Clark/Bill Vitt Interview



Still very active, still very strong. Leading the way without being the leader. Years of giving back making wine and playing their butts off. It started sometime ago when My two guests found their way to Sacramento at a time when the city was buzzing with night Life @ Dave's Soul Kitchen where my guests learned how to play funky soul grooves and against the time.

They played off each other taking the late show and than the late late show while parishioners were heading off to church my guests were going home to grab some shut eye before waking up and swinging all over again.

One of my guests played for Don Costa and with Edyie Gorme the other with Bobby Hutcherson Herbie Hancock and Vince Guaraldi. Both held it down with Jerry Garcia.

And unlike other musicians who may have had a great run for 3 or 5 or 10 years both my guests today still have the chops to play in all different musical settings with all different musicians.

Mike Clark and Bill Vitt welcome to the JFS

Mike Clark/Bill Vitt [Download]


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