The Jimmy Ostrove Interview



My guest today is a soul singer at the core. He crooned and sung and danced and lifted weights in Elizaville with a lot of cats I've already interviewed. Maz, DD, JD, Scou & the Reverand.

But my guest is an entertainer. Which is why he moved to Southern California. He dreamed of becoming Ray Charles and Sam Cooke. He got there in his own way with slide maestro Jeff Bernfeld.

The memories I have of my guest are faint but vivid. Playing acoustic guitar and singing me back to the bunk before taps. He played the campfires and the talent shows. Maybe even an acoustic duo at Twin Lakes over a couple of Bloody Mary's and a steak.

My guest today was an integral part to the heterogenous mix that pervaded Scatico in the 70s and 80s. He was part hipster, part Don Juan, part James Taylor. He put things in perspective through his songwriting and his prowess relating to his campers like Brian Berusch, Fly Lapatine and  Jordan Small all the while learning to fly under the leadership of Dave Fleischner and before that The Big Flicker of Light known as Irwin.

I don't trust nothing but I know it comes out right.....

Jimmy Ostrove welcome to the JFS..



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