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My guest today is a woman of the church. A congregation that was not afraid to own the blues which is where that music hails from.

Gospel Music when intermeshed with blues creates soul and today we present a serenade to a soul sister who is deeply connected to the spiritual oasis of playing with Jerry Garcia.

She came aboard in 1983 during a transitional time for both the band and Jerry. Relentless touring in the Spring, Summer and Fall which didn't include the keystone Gigs in Berkeley or Palo Alto or a quick jump to the Pacific NW in January.

Sure Jerry loved to play but he was also feeding an addiction that my guest never subscribed to.

But unlike in today's era of rigid uniform group think. My guest played in a band until the Midnight Moonlight not because she looked like everybody else, not because it was the biggest money making endeavor but because it had soul and it felt good. The Way you do the things you do, you got a smile so bright that I saw it even though I never saw the JGB play a single note.

The music holds up as well if not better today than it did back than. It's rich and full throated like my guest who according to David Kemper never sang out of key.

The problem is the greed that has been left in Jerry's wake. A greed so pervasive that it is unbecoming to anyone who ever collaborated with Jerry because the whole mind set is antithetical to what he stood for.

My guest is one of those cats down under the stars who gives it her all on the bandstand. She knows the struggles her people face. The unfair disadvantaged playing field that is being played out in North Philly and Baltimore and any old dilapidated city near you. She knows she can't change the world, just her world by taking a Melody from a simple C to G.

Feeling Brand New About It Jackie La Branch welcome to the JFS



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