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To lose yourself or see yourself from the outside looking in. Not worried about being micromanaged, playing free and escaping whatever's going on in your life.

How hard is that? It can be very unless you consistently surround yourself with people who never put themselves above the music. Learning to converse improvisationally and going off into space is not something every musician can contribute all the time. My guest is an example of a musician who does it most of the time. Ask Pharoah Sanders or the timeless Tisziji Munoz.

What my guest has in common with these masters is that he feels completely at peace when he's playing. He might be churning out patterns of hyperbolic rhythms but he is in his yogic state. Even with the physical movements of the arms and the legs and the feat he is sleeping. He is at peace.

Life is not always peaceful especially if your a professional artists. You have to know your instrument, hone your sound, be a leader and a teammate at the same time and find places to play that believe in the profession of music.

That it's not a pay to play game, that music is to be felt and is not for pacification, that you need to burn and go beyond the atmosphere because we will be leaving this planet for other worlds. The Harmony of The Underworld, being friends with the Devil and realizing the Devil is just alright with me. Playing music of the soul is not for the faint of heart and my guess is still working on his individual growth.

He is not content with being static. He knows if you don't swing the band and stay warm you might get frostbite in those cold Canadian Winters.

Franklyn Kiermyer welcome to the JFS....



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