The Dr. Patrick Gleeson Interview


The Doctor is in this week checking up on patients who have been sonically altered. His synthesizers became beams of light, always light bouncing of the Electronic Music in the late 60s.

My guest is a heavyweight musician. He had gotten to leave this planet with Charles Eariand and burn hot melodic chordal mosaics of sound in a "Sextant" with Herbie Hancock or Love Love with Julian Priester or playing free music with Woody Shaw and Michael Howell.

He came from The Bay. The San Francisco Bay Area with Different Fur that paved the way for classic soundtracks like "Apocalypse Now" and journeys to enlightenment and realization with Eddie Henderson. That fantastic journey from death to life as my guest outs an electronic score together for The Tibetan Book of The Dead.

He has presence in his music, a mood as paranoid as Nam or galactic, tense neurotic blending with Woody Shaw and Michael Howell getting it together with the San Francisco Express.



Listen to an excerpt of the Dr. Patrick Gleeson Interview:

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