The Dr. Lonnie Smith Interview


My guest today is a Hammond Organ Monster. He was preaching the good gospel with a shot of Eugene McDaniels and Clyde McPhatter and his later day compatriots The Isley Brothers.

That was the modern day soul scene in the New York City area when my guest found his way from Lakawana, NY to the city that sometimes never sleeps. It never slept when my guest got there because he was burning with George Benson as the Hammond Quartet hit huge popularity. That's where Red Holloway came in and Sweet Lou Donaldson. Blowing over the top of my guests bass lines. My guest doesn't just use his hands his use of foot pedals rivals any all time great Organ player.

He tried to keep Afrodesian heritage in the music and modernize the music with Joe Lavano. Always searching for new portals and vectors where he can sonically stretch out, play free play the blues play his butt off which he's still doing on Jam Cruise with Grant Green Jr and Mike Clark.

Dr. Lonnie Smith welcome to the JFS


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