The Greg Danford Interview



I had my guest booked two weeks ago. Manasha Garcia Jerry's 3rd wife had become apprehensive about our interview.

I figured I would probably only get a half hour out of her but as usual we marinated and than cooked for an hour.

During the musical interlude I called my guest and explained that I had my hands full. He got it, no ego sight unseen or heard. It's not everyday you get a guest like that.

My guest today is a fixture in the hallowed social hall. Be in Twilight League MVP, Color War my guest was a formidable athlete unlike Danny Deutsch who found himself lost on the basketball court my guest played little feat up and around draining 16 footers or catching a Wallerstein shot to the gap narrowly avoiding the hardball field dugouts.

He went off to the Middlebury in the great state of Vermont and helped Craig Fitchelberg get over his tantrums and turn him into a leader.

Part of Camp is put up or shut up. Either your in or your out. He got stronger mentally from dealing with his peers like reverend billy Goldner, Maz Madorsky, Jimmy Ostrove and Jimmy Rosenswag. They challenged him on boys side sneaking across to girls side. Twin lakes for a burger and several beers playing Kenny Gradney baselines in different amalgamations of the Chum a Brothers.

My guest is all in because he has done it from his perch in New England away from the madness of Gotham and Democracy that resembles ragtime bands on a street corner playing taps before lights out.

Greg Danford welcome to the JFS



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