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Mayor Jonathan Rothschild Interview


I came to Tucson in 2003. I came for no reason other than to head west. I had spent all 25 years of my life on the East Coast and while there were plenty of highlights I felt adrift, never truly feeling at home.

I'm not going to say immediately but not to soon after I arrived in The Old Pueblo special things started to happen. Within the first two weeks I met my wife Yaju in the graduate program we we're in. I spent a very meaningful 8 years working with blind and visually impaired students at ASDB, I currently teach digital journalism at Green Fields Country Day school and both my daughters Hannah and Aja are thriving in the desert.

My guest today has lived in Tucson his whole life. A lawyer by trade he stepped up to become Mayor back in (2011) and has been responsible for the steady albeit modest incremental progress that comes with public policy decisions.

At one time The Rio Neuvo Project was a death knell to anyone in public office. However now that the Street Car is chugging along 4th avenue under the tressel into a downtown that is filled with coffee shops and bars and the venerable old music venues it has turned a corner towards light.

Tucson does not have a financial district like some other urban centers in this country which is why it is so fascinating to see this downtown growth since my guest has been in office.

Apartments are being filled by students who find Tucson and the University to be a more affordable alternative to any state school in California. When you project 5 to ten years out there is real potential for sustaining the momentum that my guest has helped push along.

I am proud to live in Tucson because of the connections we have made in the Chinese Community, The outdoor synagogue known as the JCC and the countless teachers who while severely under compensated for the most part pour their heart and souls into my daughters' education and learning.

Tucson is a vibrant, soulful "Bear Down" kind of town. It's not small enough where you run the same people all the time, just enough to remind you it's not Chicago.

There are still many challenges ahead for my guest. Water conservation and water sharing with Phoenix. Economic sharing and development with Mexico. Solving the vexing problems of veteran homelessness and poverty which along with natural resources is the most pressing problem across the country.

My guest is a music lover and a fan of poetry. Both sides of his brain will be on full display today.

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild welcome to the JFS

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