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The Gerald Ostrov Interview



My guest today is a prolific figure in the world of business. He has been successful at branding products and marketing them all over the world.
But as he knows money and fame are things that provide only temporary relief especially if you have a higher calling.
Most Jews retire and head off to play golf in Florida or Hilton Head. Not my guest who is as determined as ever to brand The nation state of Israel.
For those like myself who have not been to the holy land you might think of it as something out of another time with Bedouin encampments, street vendors and the wailing wall. The nightly news portrays a divided and contentious government divided between Orthodox Jews and Reformists. Some trying to keep that foothold of tradition while others are branching out marrying out of faith and creating offspring that are a mix and represent the 21st century melting pot. That is what my family embodies.
But like this show there is tremendous uniqueness in Israel, vitality that springs from imagination and invention, beauty and beaches.
That's what my guest wants to get at. Is the desirable qualities of Israel. It's not about politics or religious aptitude. He is promoting the progressive qualities of the State, the ingenious nature of Israel, the inventiveness of Israel. His challenge is to change hearts and minds from indifference to inspiration. From apathy to connection.
That's harder to do because The world is moving into an age of rapid digitization. 3rd world countries whose lights are just coming on need to be connected with the elements of mankind that can love, accept, thrive and poke fun at themselves.
Gerry Ostrov welcome to the JFS


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