Stanley Clarke Interview Part II


Every year you get one year older and maybe one year wiser. 37 years young is similar to 25 years young back in 1974. Are you satisfied?

With life expectancy ballooning into the 100s I know that I have used a machete to cut myself out of the thickets, dodged the wart hogs and Javalina's moving forward. Or as Joe Henderson might say, straight ahead.

Big lofty goals I have and I'm in a position to actualized these goals because of people like my guest who make up a coalition of melodic inventors who see me as a bridge to a new age. Not that I am some prophet, that is not true. Not because I'm steeped in music theory, that is not true, I am not a musician.

What I am is a natural communicator who has been able to blend my interpersonal skills with technology and new media to give a platform to jazz and those who learned from the original masters of the music.

What I am is a listener and facilitator who has developed an unmatched comradery with the musicians. (See Audio Clip 1) My enthusiasm, natural curiosity, and love for the artistry and the music have endeared me to the musicians. Musicians I have worked and communicated with feel my passion and dedication and see me as a major collaborator, advocate, and cheerleader for jazz’s bright future.

What I am is a broadcaster, husband and father of two young girls.  I want to be a bridge for future generations understanding of how and why real music can and should be sustained. It continues today with Stanley Clarke. Welcome back to The JFS.


Listen to an excerpt of the Stanley Clarke Interview:

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