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Green Fields Roundtable


On my 37th birthday I know what good and evil look like. I know they exist in both human and existential forms. I know that each carries with it the seeds of previous lives cultivated and shrouded by Dharma every day on this planet.

My guests today are from a good place. It's called Green Fields Country Day School.

I consider it a sanctuary that tries to stay green but is in a transitional period.

It is in the process of reinventing itself and balancing the mix of offering progressive creative based learning models while intermeshing the performing arts all the while giving all children an opportunity to go to receive a wholistic education at Green Fields.

My guests are all thriving and striving to survive in their own lives and their better off because they went to school at Green Fields.

For reasons that will be explored they developed the ability to communicate with people both older and younger than them in a non interconnected society.

Meaningful education outside of a textbook. How to become leaders and how to make critical decisions.

Learning the unconventional, not comping every mainstream educational tool in a less rigid economic environment.

Most importantly they learned that the best gifts are when you give which they have done countless times and again today taking time out of their schedule to spend time on the radio. Not to promote themselves but rather elucidate the elements what got them to where they are today.

I'm not really into reminiscing so Part of the reason I convened this panel is to talk about how Green Fields can help itself, survive and most importantly thrive in the 21st.

Elizabeth Rollings, Mo Goldman and Meighan Baldwin welcome to the JFS....

Green Fields Roundtable [Download]


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