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The Stephen Barncard Interview



I sit here today again in the studios of PowerTalk 1210 totally humbled and awed. Awed by my adherence to the musician and those who produce it and cultivate the music.

Much of the focus of my show I now realize is on the ability to have people in a room all at the Same time making music. Seems simple but in these times it's not.

Those who know how to mic a set of Michael Shrieve or Billy Kreutzman drums being able to remember his name because it's on the inside gatefold along with about a dozen other heady individualists hell bent on creating music.

This music comes out if their instruments but it's that sound of the record that provides space and time displacement. The Erie Jews harp trying to get traction in the rain.

That's where my guests launching point was and he has continued into the digital age with timeless artists like David Crosby and New Riders of a different age. Larry Graham coming in right on time in the Valley of The Moon.

My guest deftly made his way in and around the weeds with Brewer and Shipley. Carving paths of Kama Sutra while Bill Vitt and John Kahn laid down rhythm tracks or building a custom designed studio in Bob Weir's Mill Valley.

My guest is not awed by the digital age. In fact he's thrived in it because of the relationships he built when music came out of communities.

Deeds not words, Stephen Barncard welcome to the JFS..


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