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The Danny Deutsch Interview



The late afternoon  rays of sun descend on the New England Skyline.

My guest breaths in the chilly New Hampshire air and knows things come easy for him. Probably too easy. Sports, Relationships, Recreation, you name it - my guest could pretty much do it all.

Still he knew there had to be more to the summer experience than a buffet style activity menu, when my guest needed some direction.

As he huddled up in those rustic bunks my guest began a dialogue with fellow campers Billy Goldner, Jordan Weiner and younger brother Johny.

Not sure what transpired within their communications but somehow this quartet of mavericks found a lazy summer home in Elizaville called Scatico.

My guest came in on the upper hill like Mike Madorsky and sought to loosen up an atmosphere that was already naturally channeling the Sons of Champlin and Legions of Mary and The Superstar Doc Hamburg.

My guest has contributed a lot to the culture of Scatico. But I know that Scatico showed my guest where he was less evolved. Scatico helped my guest become a leader.

Instead of shooting arrows in Bow NH, my guest was crushing softballs opposite field into the archery range or showing off his prowess in the weight room while going up against Scou in the Chicken Fights on the 4th day of the green grey war.

Instead of having no mentors my guest had a bevy of different counselors who showed him how to harness his creativity and drive a live free or die mentality that really hit home with my counselors who caught the chest fever of my guests boom-box as Garth Hudson's swirling organ played underneath the much preferred Direct Zep dearth of prog Rock that my guest and his brothers ingested. What I'm coming to realize in these primary source interviews is that part of the unbridled freedoms that existed at Scatico clearly stemmed in part from the infusion of swagger and soul that my guest brought to camp.

My guest has long since seen the sun rise and set in the Orient, in St. Petersburg...... Florida, and in Roslyn at my fathers place when all of Nassau county gathered for a night on the town.  my guests star still shines brightest on Scatico.......

My funny valentine, Danny Deutsch welcome to the JFS


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