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The Craig Fichtelberg Interview


Today is my first Scatico guest that I have some previous direct contact with. While most of the other cats hopped into the real world when I first donned the green and white my guest found the time and space to carve out a few pivotal years as the 80s expired and the 90s ensued.

We're in 2015 now but my guest was a prolific figure in my divisions evolution at Scatico. '87 we had John J Hickey and in '88 we had Mitch Polay- two characters who tried to teach Todd Hutchinson how not to pulverize the feckless Josh Weiss.

The summer of '89 was when my guest came into focus. He was sailin away with Jimmy Buffet handing off song writing responsibilities to Berky SCATICO and producing gross out contests that had all the campers trying to out do one another.

He surrounded himself with a staff that were heavily influenced by their mentors like Todd Weiss who was bulldogging his way through Hobart and making sure that all the campers stayed in line.

It was a brotherhood that intermixed the instilled camp ethos of Doug Herzog and Doc Hamberg, Lifers, guys who were brought up starting in bunk 1 and individuals like Jordan Weiner and Maz Madorsky who actually didn't start until the upper hill.

That cocktail is what my guest contributed to in less bashful ways with Bubba Weinstein and Jeff Bernfeld learning to play the dobro twanging in Gregg Rosh' ears. While my guest was riding on the storm cranking tunes in his jeep as a Twin Lakes faded away.

My guests greatest strength was recognizing the gifts that each camper brought to the group. He knew I was obsessing about Jack Howell's broken bat home run off Bob Tuekesbury so he egged me on to get stuff out of my system and broadcast irrelevant rec softball games. Always a smile always bringing energy and always heading into the other bunk.

That was okay by me because for two weeks each summer my guests brother Ezze would come up for to play hard and infuse a Justin Tuck attitude in my bunk which consisted of a Felch and a Spaceman  a Shakey, Hutch and a Squirrel.

It was a ragtag bunch who might not see that chicken parm or late night pillow fight with Danny Deutsch who was sporting his trademark white overalls.

But as we know time is eternal and even though I have not communicated with my guest in over 25 years the love and humanity remains because of the nexus of Scatico.

Craig Fichtelberg welcome to the JFS....


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