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The Billy Goldner Interview



I have reached out to musicians from a different era on this radio escapade. Cats that could be my dad or uncle. Not that I didn't have a great Dad and Uncle but in many ways tapping into these brothers and sisters has been self sustaining finding those in their glory years. Still productive, still active still, feeling alive.

As with the musicians I am carving a similar path up that deli trail to Camp Scatico talking in the ears of my elders because let's face it, they've put in more time on planet earth than me or my generation.

The stories they continue to share illuminate a place that emphasized getting into an activity. Getting into it....that means going there. As a counselor at Scatico that meant making a perfunctory game of blind newcum and creating mass hysteria to the point where every camper has forgotten time and place as they dwell in a space that is timeless.

My guest today again fills the criteria of an inter generational camp leader in the 70s and 80s. A Time of unbridled freedom for cats at Scatico. He has always been a thinker and a lover and leader which is really the litmus test. He found his sea legs at Camp

Being able to think about who you are being able to love your bunkmates even if they weren't the best athletes or the coolest cats. Leading with a wholistic approach that he learned from his counselors in both their energy and enthusiasm that they brought  no matter what kind of hard days night it might have been.

He was a mentor for many of my counselors who thrived in a less litigious, less image obsessed less interconnected society. My guest would often consult with the campers about the meaning of life.

He maintains an east west spiritual center taking yogic retreats in Vermont to help wash away the dust of everyday life.

Billy Goldner welcome to the JFS

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