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It's still the 50s vs. the 60s today in America. Those who are seekers vs. those who play by some imaginary set of rules conjured up by man's view of god and his beliefs about mysticism and magic. It's that thin layer just above consciousness when you leave the physical world and the perceptions and the worry and the prophets on the burning shore.

What's funny now is that those who who pushed back in the 60s now seem more like their opponents in the fifties as they refuse to hand the baton off to younger street cats making love in a more interconnected, more image enhanced more digitized society.

I want to live in America I do and my show exists because of non conformists like my guest who preferred  to surround himself with a heterogenous mix of people you might find in a hotel on Mars while the Doors of Perception churn with tons of steel known as the Keystone Pipeline which will be buried underneath the wolves by the Silver Stream in the hallowed land that my guest pioneered hundreds if not thousands of times.

My guest grew up in Wyoming and was inculcated with how it was is and will be. The game was over the fix was in until my guest went off to Wesleyan where he sought his own new found truths about existentialism and the multi-dimensional self.

He tripped out with Timothy Leary and was back drinking Champagne from his Cowboy boot when boarding school Yay hoo Bob Weir reentered my guests life.

It was at that point my guest turned his years of experiential learning into legacy. While Bobby worked on the melody my guest wrote poetry that wove it's way inside and out of the fabric of our culture. Gone astray you say everyday by the bay because voices tell me so......

My guest has always been on the edge of impulse. Creating terminology that encapsulates the insatiable web world. A world that his daughters are fully a part with new media and social media and communist media and The Electronic Frontier Foundation.

His experience in The world of the Dead kept him in the moment of now  because there is a fear down here we can't forget. It's got different names like perception and rumination and orthodoxy and ego all the things that my guest left in the tree tops to go looking for his kite.

He is cagey, hard to corral, irascible and somewhat of a street scholar preferring experience over information. In 1999 he was ranked one of the top 25 most influential people in business even though he's not in financial services.

In Jehovah's favorite choir he worked closely with a real choir boy named Brent Mydland helping him get stuff out of his system. Maybe you know how it feels, but maybe to you it don't seem so real.

My guest has spent much of this century traveling to the origins of man in Africa. Mother Africa where he can bring his Bright blue ball to elucidate and inspire legions of young people who may not have every gadget or material good but the desire to seek, to evolve, to grow, see completion and change their world by being themselves.....

The stratosphere is his church in conjunction with the soul which is what my show is about and is something my guest did not believe in until he tragically lost his soul mate Elizabeth Horner. Not a domestic partner, or someone who would make a good wife or husband but a soulmate.

He docs emotionally and immediately either your in or your out and I'm all in. That wasn't always the case but all that Lightning will be my lightning too...

Always inspiring, John Perry Barlow welcome to the JFS.



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