JFS #220 The David Friesen Interview



The upright bass. An instrument that elicits sounds large, round and phat. It could be in some messianic run of scales that culminate in a burning straight ahead tune or out in the ethos Dancing on the Puget Sound or Cannon Beach. Places that elicit the sea salt of the earth splashing rays of black saints like Dewey Redman, Hadley Caliman and Joe Henderson.

My guest today is a living Titan of the bass. He carves out grooves with his bow the same way Richard Greene does with his fiddle or Pat Martino does on the electric guitar or Steve Gadd does on the drums

He grew up in the Pacific North West with high timber and a marvelous fluid music scene that saw all the heavies pass through like Charles Mingus and jimmy Garrison and Sen. Eugene Wright all swinging away as they led their own bands, or locking the hypnotic horn of John Coltrane or the piano of Dave Brubeck.

This is the generation my guest learned from. He learned how to cultivate a sound and feeling that fit the imagery of the song and the players.

He has a committed bond to his music and the musicians.....going over waterfalls with John Stowell or dolphin dancing with Paul McCandless or raising his family the same way Glen Moore did and Henry the Skipper Franklin has. The Jake Feinberg Show is about life and the values you choose to live your life by.

My guest could have gone on the road and made a lot of money, basked in touring, fans and enticements. But, he chose a more wholistic approach. One that incorporated teaching, playing, imploring, writing, praying and loving.

David Friesen welcome to the JFS



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