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The Todd Rockoff Interview



My next guest is the President of a Place that means a great deal to my family. Both my kids went to school there, my older daughter is A Shark on The JCC Stingrays and in general there is a welcoming feeling when you are in the building.

The Jewish Community Center in Tucson, AZ is a shining beacon of inclusive light. Anyone is welcome young and old, big and small, fat or thin. It goes deeper than this of coarse expanding outreach to low income families or providing programs for kids and adults with special needs. The philosophy has never been to look back - always forward.

My guest today took over an establishment that was losing membership during the economic downturn that still besets our country at large. He has a board that is full of bright common sense people but there are a lot of big personalities so consensus can be hard to come by. Should we close for renovation or stay open. Can we pay our teachers a livable wage? Can we increase membership by upgrading our facilities?

These are questions my guest and his team have to address in the coming year and beyond. I hold the J in such high regard that I have expectations that exceed what any one human being can do. That's called love and it's a major theme of this program. Todd Rockoff Welcome to the JFS....

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