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The Scott Yanow Interview



As you put one foot in front of the other on the everyday journey of life in the end you want to sustain yourself and your family while doing something your passionate about.

My guest today has made a career writing in multimedia formats about melodic improvisation. He has listened to records, CDs, MP3 and the like but my hunch is that his ability to write lucidly regarding this fearless swinging music is that he saw cats like Art Blakey and Woody Shaw and Miles maybe even Trane.

He's as articulate about Terry Gibbs as he is about Mike Gibbs. From Bill Frizell to Billy Butler. From west coast bop to Berkeley Students feeling out on some odd time metered song that resonates with Jaki Byard and Alan Dawson and Fred Taylor.

My guest has been one of the most prolific linear note writers in our lifetime. He came up with Don Schlitten and Bob Porter and Rudy Van Gelder but his descriptive  writing career started before during and after the technological revolution that are currently living through.

He's dreaming of a White Christmas because Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie and James Moody were groovin on Perception and Pablo and Verve. Labels that my guest saw grow from the ground up, with leaders who made money but cared more about the quality of real music that expressed the stories of the blues except when Coltrane started to meditate on stage and play crystallized runs of notes with a rhythm section that was keeping time and playing out.

My guest has written over 700 linear notes and written 11books on jazz. He sees the music changing today and adapts and knows that he needs to pass the torch to insatiable music lovers who write about the people who make the music. Scott Yanow, welcome to the JFS....


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