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The Jonny Deutsch Interview



Brothers in arms, singing Whiskey Rock N Roll heading over to Twin Lakes to take shots with their friends eating some mushrooms at My Fathers Place In Roslyn, NY.

In the annals of Scatico lore their have been brothers and sisters that have paved the way for lineage to exist. Brothers pushed each other, challenged each other and set the tone for others who might be an only child or disaffected from their native roots.

My guest today is half of one of the most formidable pair of brothers in Scatico history. If he woke up on the wrong side of the bed because of a bender @ Twin Lakes he'd jump on that harmonica and be blowin' away the blues until the campers would come to roust him because they respected him. Having kids of my own now and having a chance to reflect back on my influences as both a camper and counselor I realize it is preferred to be respected than loved. When you combine the two you get fear and that was what my guest brought to camp. Ripped Darryl Starwberry Jerseys starring at a young Howard Luks. Throw a strike or I crush this in your nuts.

Those are the memories of Scatico I have trails of when I'm spinning in the foothills. My guest was a southern Rock Elvin Bishop, Skynard Paul Butterfield blues player playing over the rhythmic psych chords of a Jeff Bernfeld. He later the lumber. If you were playing football he lay you out. If you went to the bathroom at night be ready for a loaded pillow to be swung at your face.

But beyond the imposing nature of my guest is a warm hearted cat who sobered up and headed back across the golf course and into the campers bunks like Mike Samuels, Brian Berusch and Jeff Dube.

He's headed off to San Diego with his Scatico brethren following the ethos of Camp First With His Friends at All Costs. It must be getting early cause the clocks are getting late. Jonny Deutsch welcome to the JFS

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