JFS #216 The Danny Kortchmar Interview



How do you grow in life? How do you grow on your instrument? How do you fit into different musical settings? How, How, How?

The answers are not absolute but my guest today carved his own path of seeking, exploring and playing. In order to grow in life you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn to communicate with people on the bandstand. For my guest this translated into being part of the quadrangle known as "The Section." This fearsome foursome of Doerge, Sklar, Kunkel and my guest were all trying to grow musically and they found the perfect tonic by listening to each other, building to a crescendo and than releasing back into the ozone in a cosmic sea of extrapolation and forward motion.

My guest is one of the most unheralded studio guitarists in the history of our country. He has his own sound and was clearly influenced by the greats like Wes Montgomery, Jerry Garcia, Kenny and Kenny Burrell. He entered the music scene when it was a true business with budgets for records. Carol King records and David Clayton Thomas Records, James Taylor records Crosby Stills and Nash and on and on and on.....he cut his teeth with the fugs and the flying machine knocking around the zoo with Peter Asher during the days of wine and roses.

But The studio scene is taxing and the lifestyle can be grueling as well. Add to it a family with kids and you become humbled real quick. My guest continues to burn at a prolific rate using his dexterity to travel the country and play with cats like Jeff Pevar and once and awhile reconnecting with parts of the section to play a whole note because that band was always greater than the sum if it's parts.....Somewhere Smilin' Ed is grinning cheek to cheek. Danny Kortchmar welcome to the JFS



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