The Monty Alexander Interview



The just way It Had to Be....isn't that the old saying when you look back and ahead in the moment. It's teddy Edwards blowing some West Coast Southern California Hard Bop with the melodic percussive vibes of Milt Jackson playing bags groove keeping time with Ray Brown and the late great Dick Berk.

My guest today is from the island of Jamaica where jazz had come to the forefront because of contributions of Dizzy Gillespie, Bennie Golson, Big Black  Clu J and The Blues Blasters Aubry Adams and my guest.

He loved it all pushing the limits and expansion. Playing tunes in all the keys until you fell apart and knew what you needed to work on.

It could have been Supper Clubs in Upstate New York with Eugene Wright locking Bags Groove or eventually becoming a leader of his own playing natural born grooves of Kingston where the ghosts of Marcus Garvey still look over all of us in the hopes we can appeal to the humanistic side of life. Charity yes, but more importantly justice for those who were enslaved and continue to be today....

My guest is an international phenomena combining his own indigenous music with Brazil and European Classical blues, funk, soul and's called melodic improvisation....

He is currently in Florida getting set for a "Jam Cruise," and

Montgomery Bernard Alexander welcome to the JFS



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