JFS #214 The Jimmy Cobb Interview



The drum chair and he who sits in it. Self taught developing your own style through craft and putting yourself in different musical settings.

My guest today is from the same musical generation as John Coltrane, Wes Montgomery, Elvin Jones, Miles Davis, Tony Williams and Papa Joe Jones. He saw the continent of Asia early on cutting albums with Toshiko Akiyoshi, back in the states with Howard McGhee, Dorothy Ashby, Donald Byrd and Mongo Santamaria.

We idolize the great drummers who have left us but my guest is one of the  titans still putting in time on planet earth. Holding it down while Eric Alexander and Harold Maburn blow over the top. He's been smokin at the half note with Wynton Kelly or cooking up good vibes with Johnny Lytle.

My guest hails from Washington DC but found himself on the cusp of the birth of cool, not smooth, cool. The kind of cool that makes you take notice and listen because of the use of cymbals or the brushes that give the song the feel of real people coalescing around a groove.

Jimmy Cobb welcome to the JFS


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