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Born Again Jazz with Rafael Otto


All music starts with rhythm, even in the Bible Pan had his pipes and David played his harp. Our guest today is a rhythm maker on the drum and with his voice.

Neptune The God of Water instilled in man the psychic quality of spiritual understanding. That is where my guest and I overlap. A fundamental belief that love is a necessity not a luxury.

Our guest expresses love in many ways. He does it through poetry and prose in a world beset with doubts. He does this through his family who he courageously leads forward with no assurances or golden parachutes.  He does this through collaboration with other artists creating healing music or helping me put together a tribute concert in South Central Los Angeles or most recently waxing timeless poetry with The Skipper Henry Franklin.

He used to call Tucson home after living in Portland which is where he lives now. Something tells me he misses the desert. Rafael Otto welcome to The JFS.

Rafael Otto [Download]


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