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The Will Duncan Interview



I normally do long poetry monologues leading up to introducing my guest. Today is really about explaining how my guest helped me in my journey.

He is a teacher of pure heart, how to handle your emotional balance in a wave of psycho-spiritual narratives that are not always verbalized but pondered in isolation in a man made chateau with his lovely partner just 1/2 a block down the red rock road of Diamond Mountain.

When I met my guest I met him at the rabbit ranch. A bonfire of the vanities communal house that connected me with Neil Diamente. My guest was happy and challenging himself teaching and finding his yogic state in that hut next to his hut that would cook on a hot August day. I was on my journey, letting all the side paneling fall off and be truer  to myself.

I've interviewed over 400 artists on The Jake Feinberg Show. My guest was the first interview I did before he left for retreat and over that time I found my point of view and my voice gutting it out with these mentors who opened their hearts to me to tell the truth or the closest thing to it. Over the 3+ years my guest was in retreat this host ascended to his full capacities by finding my true nature.

As I meandered through the different tributaries I often thought of my guest. Dwelling somewhere in a mountain of Diamonds where eagles fill the sky which turns crimson at a certain time every day while my guest found ways of being resourceful living as he describes it an "incredibly sane existence."

Now as he settles back in to Disney Land without keys to the exit he has been working at a manic pace and trying to be patient in a sea of humanity.


Will Duncan [Download]


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