JFS 208 The Russ Kunkel Interview



It all rolls into one. The endless years of studio work and road tours and temptations and swing.

Some days are good some are bad. But it's the rhythm that keeps the motor churning. Rhythm from a section of individuals who have had a profound impact on my merging words with music.

The section was made up of Leland Sklar and Danny Kortchmar, Waddy Wachtel, Craig Doerge and my guest.

A tapestry of players equipped to make the music feel good. Joni Mitchell and Carol King to James Taylor and Jackson Browne, playing in sync with Bobbye Hall passing Jim Keltner in the halls of studio city watching his family grow and succeed while staying active, keeping his chops up like Buddy Rich and Milt Holland and Larry Bunker.

Tours with Crosby, Stills and Nash,
Or a little Good-Bye Girl with David Gates, New Mornings with Bob Dylan or doing the Meatball with Tom Scott.

He has experienced the highest highs and low lows. He has been dealt a hand that allowed him to pursue his native gifts and make a livelihood out of it. He has also felt true loss losing his soulmate and  2nd wife Nicolette Larsson who is smiling down on us right now.

But like this host sometimes you don't realize how much the human being can handle. In fact life can lay some haymakers on ya and you dust yourself off, look towards the light and open your heart knowing you are blessed, knowing you are out in the rapids sometimes with an ore sometimes without experiencing De Ja Vu because it seems like he's been there before....



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