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The Mike Madorsky Interview



The regionalism of Camp Scatico is undeniable. Cats from the City had a certain vibe, Long Island, CT New Jersey and The Bernard Family from Hudson Valley.

This melting pot of urban elites, gifted and eclectic islanders and no retreat no surrender Chris Christie, Rt 4 Fort Lee New Jerseyites which forge into the mountains more buccholic regions of Toms River where Al Leiter hails from.

My guest is from the Jersey cross section of Scatico. He was before my time and a generation removed from this host so putting it in that context Camp was a bit more adventurous back when my guest became a leader. A notorious weigh lifter this sign of manhood permeated across the lower hill of Greg Lictch and David Berkowitz. But my guest believed in camaraderie and brotherhood. Getting knocked around and laying some wood of his own while playing all the sports and leading his peers and eventually campers as a counselor during a time when people weren't wearing body cameras and cats could hang after mess maybe never even make it back for cleanup after a bender the night before.

A lot of learning went on at camp beyond the chocolate milks after Twilight League. It was passed down from Dave And Ben Fleischners generation which was comprised of merry pranksters like Doug Herzog and Steve Hanft and Manny Toonkel.

The camp newsletter kept my guest in touch with the other regional pockets of Scatico during the Hot Stove months maybe meeting up at Radio City to see the Dead or watching his name Go up in white paint in the Social Hall which was built around the same time as the hallowed Boston Garden which featured Kevin McHale whose low post game could never be equaled by my guest no matter how many times he took Corey Gluckstal to the woodshed.

I wonder how my guests look back at camp. He started the summer of '78, met his wife in the early eighties Elisa and never looked back.

Still finding ways to make a difference in his world Mike Madorsky welcome to the JFS


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