JFS #211 The Gap Mangione Interview



As we say goodbye to 2014 and enter in to a new year The Jake Feinberg Show continues to be humbled by the accessibility of my guest and his generation.

Their not uptight, they groove they swing, they don't romanticize (sometimes)  and like my guest they write different chapters in their musical memoirs. Some filled with bright lights or dimly lit lanterns.

My guest today fills in the Gaps of his musical career with massive chops that he has been using since he was criss crossing Upstate NY with Wilmer and The Dukes playing fraternity houses and back alley bars playing music somewhere between Otis Redding mixed with Blue eyed soul/jazz.

His career really started in his house in Rochester playing beer barrel polkas and toe tapping Italian Folk tunes as his relatives danced and jammed all night. He encouraged his younger brother Chuck to play music  and The Jazz Brothers as they came to be known were making up the rules, playing concerts with acoustic instruments and string arrangements.

Academia for better or for worse had not boxed in the music or make the music conform to how the departments can bring in the most money. You see music my guest makes whether it's driving in a yellow camper, swinging Dixie with The Salt City Six or just playing some sing a long junk is the music of feeling. Throw out the books, unlock your ears, and adapt to those around you. He knows he can blow if he has to but would prefer to call and respond with Steve Gadd and Sal Nistico to Tony Levin and Esther Satterfield. High Stepping into the New Year and....Still Calling It Boogie, Gap Mangione welcome to the JFS



Listen to an excerpt of the Gap Mangione Interview:

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