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JFS #210 The Keith Bernstein Interview



Since I've been on PowerTalk 1210 I have leaned toward my native gifts of accessing authentic humanistic content from the most creative artists in all the land.

How I got to where I am today is a combination of self determination
Lewis and Clark Esque expansion, Scatico brotherhood and where I first started to love music - Boston University.

It's @ BU where I started to meet cats from Cherry Hill, NJ. Just a stones throw from Sigma Sound and a few thousand miles from New Orleans.

New Orleans is where my guest has cut his teeth as a musician. A town that still cultivates it's regional sound which is a combination of black Native American music and the rhythms of Congo Square where slaves from Africa played a universal language that connects RnB with Gulf Coast Horns and a swelling Hammond B-3 over the top.

My guest woodsheds and plays live in venues big and small. He is interested in expanding the sound of the musical setting. He is unafraid of free form improvisational music, where the rubber meets the road for any real musician. When you have to leave your physical body to reach a transcendental space of euphoria when the encrypted Egyptian times codes fall out in 4/4, 7/4, or 11/4.

The doctors of dissonance playing Clarke College where Hendrix played 30 years prior as Mike Krevolin drove back to Mt Ida College and the Kresman Express played a moondog matinee.

He plays for silver and for life trying to be a link in the chain that allows the intersection of music and magic to sit.

Keith Bernstein welcome to the JFS.

Keith Bernstein [Download]


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