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JFS #209 The Jeff Bova Interview



Bova Land

In Bova Land there are prisms of colors rays of Hammond organs with deep purple gel tabs going off a cliff in super funk rock jazz amalgamations.

He comes from Old Greenwich, CT where the echoes of Clifford Brown and Blue Mitchell resonated deep inside Bova Land.

Soon the man from Bova land went flying to an island of fusion mixing traditional classical instruments in a blues based setting with odd metered songs leaning on his B-3 while the drums of Bill Bacon swirl within the whispering pines of the Vermont hideaways and New England festival my guest has played in.

He is a Grammy award winning keyboardist, composer, arranger and record producer but for this host my guest came from off the grid because two sages of mine here in Tucson Abbott Taylor a proud sponsor of the JFS and Chuck Goldschmidt grew up in the afore mentioned Ole Greenwich.

My guest has reached several musical mountain tops, finding good work because of versatility in an industry that went from analog to digital, acoustic to electric, be-bop to hard bop to post bop to future shock with an ARP chroma burning layers of melodic goo deep inside the soul of my guest.

Jeff Bova, welcome to the JFS...


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