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The Jim Weider Interview



The dirt farmer, a cultivator of land in Arkansas. Toiling in the fields with a rhythm of his own. Unique, not like Gene Krupa or Buddy Rich or Earl Palmer but a pulsating percolating personification that set the dirt farmer apart from every other drummer.

My guest today is a guitar player with a unique and distinctive sound that roils in his hometown of Woodstock, NY. Unlike every long haired kid who showed up on a bus my guests roots are in Woodstock before Dave Holland and John Simon and Bernard Purdie, Chuck Rainey and John Sebastian moved up there. Even before the dirt farmer made it to big pink.

My guest percolates with multiple musical units going to the lush green of Maine and the urban jungle of Philly playing guitars, mandolins and dobros passing on traditional roots music to future generations of big eared people. Let the body dance be it in Nashville or Georgia singing for your supper with Vassar Clements, Hargus Pig Robbins, Jerry Carrigan and Tut Taylor.

He returned to Upstate New York in the early 1980s and connected with the dirt farmer who he had once known before. When that farmer was at big pink with fellow artists Rick Danko, Garth Hudson and Richard Manual who played the Getaway Inn in Saugerties or some small bar in Auburn because they want to connect with the audience. It makes no difference how many amalgamation a of The Band there were. The peaks and valleys, the brown album to a blaze of glory. My guest was part of a band that wanted to play music they wanted to play. Not trying to make a hit for the suits but knowing that from organic creative story telling the magic will reveal itself....the musics hot and you might have to stand - Jim Weider welcome to the JFS.


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