JFS #206 The Steve Kimock Interview



One of the 4Ls of the JFS is Lineage. The idea of a family tree, where unique sounds originated from
and where the sound spectrum lives in today's electronica world.

The father of Bluegrass was Bill Monroe, John Lee Hooker Champion Jack Dupree, Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters, Michael Bloomfield, Nick Gravenites were fathers and sons somewhere in that mix. Sam Cooke and Ray Charles slow cooked soul music was real rhythm and blues along with Chuck Berry who could play in 7/4 it didn't bother him.

My guest today is someone who continues the legacy left by Jerry Garcia, Lowell George, Duane Allman and Jimi Hendrix. In unique sound yes, a sound he procured from hours of practice and understanding the rudiments. Once you do that you can play music where you can leave your physical body and feel that love. A love that Wayne Shorter describes as going to the store to get your grandma some milk.

My guest came out of the deluge of psychedelia and improvisational live music. From the Both And to the Keystone Korner to modern day Terrapin Crossroads my guest marinates in a sea of live improvisation.

It is all the more impressive that he is able to continue to tour in a climate such as this. There are no Bill Graham's or Ralph Gleasons today.
How to keep a band together and hone your sound? How to trust and get that feeling that Wayne's talking about when your Grandma asks you to go to the store to get you some milk.

My guest will be performing shows at Sweetwater Dec 5th-8th. Both electric and acoustic.



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