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JFS #205 The Larry McDonald Interview



Runaway Bay you say? Sounds like a gong with the ghost of Marcus Garvey and the chants of the sugar shakers......

The drum is a language all of its own. The rhythms on the 1/3 instead of 2 and 4 set reggae apart as a modern music be it ska, calypso, dub rock steady. My guest is from Jamaica and was part of the regional music of that island with The Bush Doctor Peter Tosh, Brother Bob Marley, Monty Alexander Sly and Robbie and Ernest Rangelin keeping the sounds of diaspora within the new bass drum beat.

My guest is a bad cat so he came to the states and established himself as a go to percussionist for poets like Gil Scott Heron  spoke of the oppressed and B-Movie operation that was happening states side.

The magic remains in the music when those with strong rudiments can leave their physical body to create transcendent music that keeps me together.

Larry McDonald [Download]


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