JFS #203 The Leo Nocentelli Interview


I've interviewed a number if guitarists on my program. Cats like Kenny Burrell who were making up the rules with Donald Byrd and Elvin Jones in Detroit. Locked in a pocket of communal musical connection the same way my guest can hit flurries of notes that have you flying and showing you the way.

Regional Music in the Americas was rampant in Appalchia, Chicago Blues, Gulf Coast, and the North Bay SoCa Latin funk escapade. It was also rampant in New Orleans where my guest hails from. He came of age with his musical brothers Art, George and Zigaboo playing music that felt good be it swamp funk or ballads it was emotive. With the feel of the Caribbean and Gulf Coast Rhythms.

There were pockets of players from Chuck Rainey and Bernard Purdie Richard Tee in New York To Joe Sample and Wilton Felder  who came from the wards in Houston. Pockets of soul intermeshing with Gospel and Wild Magnolias in A Cabbage Alley of pimps, dancers, lights, jazz, blues you can use for enlightenment.

My guest today is in the same master guitar class as Kenny Burrell Grant Green, Pat Martino and Melvin Sparks. If he had chose to go to New York he would have wound up being a jazzer with a recognizable name like the those above but the love was odd metered and melodic be it in the right place at the wrong time @ Sea-Saint records.

My guest has a funk style like David T. Walker and Phil Upchurch but he is part of a family whose  sum is always greater than its parts. He got the memo about being a decent human being and not standing in the middle of the road with some Wild Tchoupitoulis.

Just back from Japan Leo Nocentelli welcome to the JFS



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