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The Dawn Renee Interview



The life of an artist, often misunderstood by those who have no understanding of devotion.

Love, Surrender Devotion was an album by Carlos Santana that was dead octaves to Sri Chimnoy who was augur that helped many musicians alter consciousness without chemicals.

My guest today has gone through this metamorphosis as a Raku Ceramic Artist. It started in rural Indiana and then Chicago as she spent hours watching her grandfathering assemble antique clocks. Devotion to the craft and the constant creation that every artist craves.

She attended the Art Institute of Chicago where she continued to grow. 1 step forward, 2 steps back venturing into Hispanic Neighborhoods and Looking into the eyes of Dixie Chickens who were leaving this planet.

Surrender for an artist is the hardest part. Surrendering to the notion that your art may not be fully recognized by the masses in the present but as you continue to move forward the spinning cycles of time will highlight the vessels and fire and ceramic guild that my guest toils in every week every month every year and well after she sings with those Chickens her work will spark a renaissance for future children and creators to add their own accents to Raku Art.


Dawn Renee [Download]


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