Booker T Jones Interview Part II



In a day in age when younger cats including myself feel a need to change the subject it has created a musical feel of anxiety and over reaching. The need to show off ones chops at the expense of real authentic music seems to have pervaded the universal language of communication.

My guest continues to play music that don't allow for attention deficit disorder. He grooves you with Sticky Stuff that if you don't get the first time, he'll do it again and again and again. It's not how many notes you play but rather sequencing ideas that are understandable to audiences who dig improvisational music.

My guest pours mathematics and love into his music being able to leave his physical body when creating. Growing up music was a communal event, a gathering of the vibes that meant more than pacification or having some manufactured beats forced into your ears. He is undeterred by distractions, of which there are many, by practicing his instruments and connecting with audiences in the most soulful way. He's coming back to the great state of AZ to perform in Scottsdale.



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