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JFS #197 The John Klemmer Interview



I am where I am today as a broadcaster because of the music created by my guest.

Free form music with constant creation in the same vein as Sonship Woody Theus, George Marsh, Wilton Felder, Jim Keltner and Phil Upchurch.

His gravitational pull has been towards cosmic sources of energy with reams of sequential patterns asking why are you written your brothers off man? When we were lovers, Eruptions from Wolfgang Meltz or polyrhythmic drum duos with Carl Burnett.

I am climbing a mountain getting lifelines from my guest and centrifugal forces of pulse, feeling, magic and movement.

It started in Chicago with John Lee Hooker and Oscar Brashear. Cutting albums under the guidance of Leonard Chess and putting melodic invention in alternative clubs like The Ash Grove where Victor Feldman plays the cuica and some chick is moaning into the microphone while my guest peppers the audience with echoplex variations of Stan Getz and Charlie Parker and I begin to realize that this whole journey has been an open door that leads to 4 doors to 12 to 24 in prisms of light and love which is really what allows you to get blood from the sun.

John Klemmer welcome to the JFS



Listen to an excerpt of the John Klemmer Interview:

John Klemmer [Download]


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