JFS #195 The Chuck Leavell Interview



Back in the 50s and 60s you could find no more Racist state  in America than Alabama. Swampland and urban squalor blacks getting hosed down and the overt fears of one race towards another was revealed.

These overt acts of hostility provided character development from folks like my guest who grew up playing black clubs on the Chitlin circuit. Because of the communal/spiritual nature of music it pushed back against the epidemic of Rascism. It strove for love in this case trust with a fallen Allman Duane that is as the band decided to go with a lead piano player alongside the gun slinger Dickey Betts. This was gutbucket music mixing Appalacia/Dixie/Blues/Cajon/Swamp/funk/ down @ Capricorn Records.....

This laid back boogie woodie permeated my guest as he became connected with Grandmother Earth tending farms in Georgia learning about the earth, how to heal it...bring the Sea Level Down just a little because the Fever's always there.

Playing the same chromatic scales over and over again until the audience got the point tripping their faces off after a 21 min mountain jam. Or branching of to play with the Stones or Eric Clapton.

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