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The Jack Fulks Interview



Calling all unsung cats determined to create original music with original people. You can create music with people but if their not unique and individualistic than the embers slowly die.

My guest today is a multiple reed player and flutist in the same vein as Sam Most and Buddy Collette and Curtis Amy. His musical relationships have been with Bill Henderson and Henry Franklin and life long friend Jim Keltner.

Cats who were improvisers playing outside not inside. Angular modal music that spoke to the people who were there to listen and engage.

My guest is a human being who has seen chapters begin and end, some chapters are filled with bliss and harmonics. Others are filled with shrill noise or even worse silence.

My guest plays a bird song that flies into the expanding intersection of man and his maker. How much can you create in this lifetime? Can your art be a livelihood and what are the messages you are conveying.

Jack Fulks [Download]


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